Here at Express windows ltd, we have been providing a whole host of UPVC products for many years and have now adapted our range to include a huge range of different fascia’s which are suitable for all property types. Fascia are usually used to support your guttering system along the bottom of the roof and the top of the walls on your property and can also be placed above doors and windows for support during wet weather.

Fascia are usually installed in a band like style around the exterior of your property, right underneath the guttering, as this breaks down the design and helps to support the guttering when it is heavy due to rainfall and downpour.

We are able to supply our fascia’s in any size, which you could possibly need and have a variety of different colours and designs to offer so that customers can choose their fascia’s to match the existing exterior design of their property. Our experts have installed all types of fascia’s and are fully experienced professionals when it comes to ensuring that your fascia’s are installed properly and will make sure that they are secured properly and can support your guttering throughout all weather conditions.

If you would like to replace your old fascia’s, or wish to have fascia’s installed, please call us today to see what we could offer you!

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