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Express Windows NW Ltd

25 - Apr - 2014

For Windows, Doors And Conservatories in Lancashire contact the Experts and Express Windows

Window and Door repairs

We can repair or replace most pvcu window and door hardware

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We can repair or replace glass, handles, stays etc.

With our extensive knowledge and access to many hardware suppliers we can locate most handles, stays, letterboxes etc.

This is often more cost effective to do rather than having to replace the whole frame.

Contact us to see if we can help

Dont replace your windows and doors unless you have to

Sometimes it is a real possibilty to simply replace the glass rather than the window or door.

Its a cost effective answer to steamed up or broken double glazed units.

We are here to help

Simply ask the questions. We will endeavour to help sort out your broken handles, letterboxes, window stays, tilt and turns, patio doors.

If we can fix it without having to replace the whole frame its cheaper and less hassle for you

Express Windows (North West) Limited

For all your repair and replacement needs

Contact our expert fabricators and sales staff for details.

We tell you how it is! If its fixable we`ll tell you!! And be able to save you money .

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